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My dog is clean

It's been a while, eh?  Not much exciting has been happening.  Made it through Thanksgiving without incident.  Always a plus. 

It was snowing when I awoke today.  Made me feel festive and so I pulled all the Christmas decorations out of the garage.  They are now sitting (still in boxes) in the dining room.  Go me. 

There was some excitement at the old Watseco Manor last night.  It involved me passing out in the bathroom while I was taking out my contacts.  Fell flat on my ass.  Now my ass hurts.  Made me think of Mrs. Hoberg.  Anyone else remember the passed out naked in the bathtub story?  Thank the goddess I wasn't naked.  How embarrassing. 

Rumor has it someone has a birthday here soon and it might be #30?  Unless I'm off on my years.  It gets hard for me to remember these things as I get older, you know....

That is all.
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