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My Southie Tour

So, I had four whole days off of work in a row and I decided to head down to Southie for my b-day weekend.  Arrived in 'Seca Friday afternoon and talked flowers with my mom until it was time to head to my dad's house.  He had a delivery near Meridan and so we continued on to O-Town and had supper at Applebee's.  On the way home Grandpa insisted that was 21 instead of 31 and then gave me $20 to buy "candy."  So far, I used it to buy myself a cup of coffee.  That's just like candy, right? 

Saturday morning, my mom told me about this essay contest she wanted me to enter, so I quick wrote my entry about the "Most Important Day of my Life,",and then we headed over to Kato (I got to drive the new Prius!) so she could buy me new clothes for my birthday.  Just like in the old days when we would go school shopping and combine that with my birthday presents.  Good times.  Got home and hung out for a little bit before heading over to Faribault to hang with Jenn.  Robert and the kids were there, too, so that was good times.  After they left we watched the racy Hitchcock flick "North by Northwest."  One of my faves, but I forgot how long it was!  Crazy. 

Sunday, after Mom and Paul got back from church, we drove down to Blue Earth because my mom's cousin's were in town and their mom was having a party in their honor (and maybe in honor of Labor Day, too).  It was good times with lots of salads, chatting and croquet (you know it's a good party when the croquet set comes out).  Then we came home and played some cribbage and some Scrabble.  I did not win at all. 

Monday, we didn't do much of anything, which was kind of a relief.  There was some stacking of firewood in the morning and then Paul's dad came over for a home grilled meal.  More cribbage and Scrabble and then he had to rush home to watch "The Closer."  We also watched it as Mom and I worked on some floral arrangements for my cousin's wedding in October.  I can't get used to that gal's accent on that show.  It sounds so fake and awkward.  Like she's trying too hard to have an accent.  Yuck. 

This morning, there was no coffee.  Of course, this made me quickly pack up my goods and leave the house so I could go buy a cup of coffee (thanks to Grandpa's $20).  On the way out, I met Paul who said that my tires looked low on air and so we went to the gas station to fill them up.  Then he gave me a check to get my side mirror fixed.  I think he's tired of having a tacky, duct taped car in his driveway when I come home.  Whatever the reason, best birthday present today (so far....)

Now I'm home and I don't have to work until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.  I love having days off.
PS.  Sorry for the puke green--I can't get the right color to work:(

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