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DO NOT READ--pathetic LOML post

 So, you know how sometimes you know something and it's there, but you can kind of still ignore it and act like it's not true and then something happens that makes it actually real and then you feel more emotion about it?  But then, you think that you shouldn't have emotions about it, but you can't help having emotions about it, so you let yourself have emotions about it, and then you get down on yourself because you feel pathetic that you're having emotions about it.  Maybe this just happens to me.  

The story is this:  Every once in a while I head over to the LOML's myspace page, just to see what's new.  At the beginning of the year, I noticed that his "status" had changed to "in a relationship."  This is easy enough to ignore because we all know what kind of guy he is.  Just today, I headed over to see what was new and there they were--pictures of the two of them together.  Okay, well, one picture of them together and two others of just her.  This, of course, made the whole "relationship" thing hit home way harder than just the words.  Words you can ignore and pretend like you didn't read them.  It's much harder to unsee a picture. 
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