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Summer summer summer

I feel like I've been working constantly, but I know I haven't been working constantly and I have the paychecks to prove that I haven't been working constantly, so why do I feel like I've been working constantly?  

I am a pleasant mother pheasant plucker. 

I rode a motorcycle yesterday.  I was just walking into work and this guy came up and offered me a ride.  Well, he wasn't just a guy.  I knew him--he works at one of our sister stores that is closing probably sooner than later.  Anyway, he didn't fit the criteria of the guy I wanted to get my Very First Ride on a Motorcycle with (single, good-looking, unrelated to me by blood or marriage), but I can't hold out for BR forever, right?  It was scary kind of and I probably would have been more comfortable if I wasn't thinking that the only reason he wanted to give me a ride was so that I would hold onto him.  Thank the goddess he was wearing a backpack.  

One of the other stores in the mall came around yesterday and tried poaching me to be a manager for them.  It got me to thinking.  I may be turning into a mall girl.  Not really what I had intended when I started working there.  I should probably go back to being depressed and feeling inadequate while looking for teaching jobs.  (Yes, E, I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but you weren't here to ask....)

How can VH1 have "I Love the New Millennium" out when we're not even 10 years into it?  There's not much nostalgia in that.  Of course, that doesn't stop me from taping every single one of them.

That "Summertime" song from NKOTB is pretty catchy.  I kind of want to listen to it repeatedly.  If you've never heard it, you should.

Nice weather like this makes me want to smoke.  Why do you suppose that is? 

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