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Don't read--just babbling.

Does anyone else get super depressed when they come back from a vacation?  It was probably a bad idea for me to take an extra day off work, because I'm just sitting here wallowing.  I wish I could be back in New Mexico.  Partly because I really miss my brother and his "new" family, but also because I like who I am when I'm on vacation.  I seem more interesting and exciting.  Like I'm out there doing something.  I'm not doing anything at home.  Even when I'm working and going through the motions of my normal everyday life, I'm not interesting.  I mean, I guess who really does think their every day life is interesting?  I don't know.  I just feel like after I come home from vacation my life is so pointless.  Like, what am I really doing with myself?  Nothing.  And for some reason the idea of being somewhere else and doing nothing is way more appealing.  I even just looked up flights south to get back there.  What is wrong with me? 
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