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Usually, nothing happens when I take the dog on her evening walk, but last night fate was trying to tell me something.  If any of you are good at reading signs, let me know what all this means.  First of all, a street light went out right before we walked by it, which is weird because this street light never goes out.  We got past it and then I looked back at it and it blinked two or three times and then came back on.  Then, I was walking past a house and I noticed that there was a car in the driveway with its dome light on. Paisley was sniffing around the corner and I kept an eye on the car.  The light stayed on for a long time, so I walked up to the house and knocked on the door.  Then, the light went off.  Right after I knocked on the door.  I apologized to the guy who opened the door and explained that the dome light in his car was on until I knocked on his door.  He said that was weird, looked at the car and then P and I went on our way.  About a block later, I looked up and a star streaked across the whole sky.  What does that all mean? 
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