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What's the deal with "Undeadjournal"?  Weird stuff. 

Not much new with me lately.  Most exciting thing I've done so far is go to the New Kids on the Block concert, which many of you know kicked some major ass.  Plus, we didn't sit where we were supposed to, so that was fun, too.  I'm all about breaking the rules.  Of course, if I was really all about breaking the rules, I would have actually gotten closer to the stage or to the aisle they ran down in the middle of the concert.  I guess I'm not really about breaking rules after all.  Best quote of the night, "Are you fist fucking me?"  said by random girl while she was staring at BR.

At work, things are stupid.  The manager of one of our "sister stores" is leaving to go to CK and she wanted me to take over her store, but the area manager would have none of that because she wanted one of her little Medford cronies to take it.  Kind of like nepotism, but not.  Anyway, she's a bitch (the area manager) and we think the only reason Medford crony wanted the job was so that she could be closer to her boyfriend who moved from the Nike store in Medford to the one up here.  You didn't know all this shit went on at the mall, did you?  You didn't care, either, did you?

Other than that, I've got nothing.  Except that there has been some activity at the vacant house next to ours, so we may be getting new neighbors.  I'll keep you posted. 
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