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I am such a baby!

Today, a customer asked me if I knew how to tie a tie.  This is not new, it actually happens quite often, and yes, I do know how to tie a tie.  So I walked over to help them and the wife explained to me that she needed the tie tied because her husband (who was standing next to her) had been in a head-on car crash and had forgotten how to tie a tie even though he did it three or four times a week before the accident.  I was showing her and she was tying it on him and then she asked him if he remembered any of it, so he grabbed the tie and started playing with it and he was getting frustrated because he couldn't remember (I'm so not explaining this very well).  Anyway, the point is, it was really sad for me to see someone who couldn't remember how to do something that used to be so familiar to him and to get frustrated with the fact that he couldn't remember it.  So, then when we had it tied on him he just grabbed it and tightened it without any thought and the wife teared up and looked at me and said "You did more for us than you know."  And I quickly checked them out and then had to run into the back and cry because I was so sad.  The whole idea of not being able to remember things scares the hell out of me.  I have a hard enough time remembering things already, I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to tie my shoes or make coffee in the morning.  Maybe I'm just tired or something, but it was really hard for me to see the poor guy like that.  Makes me thankful for the little memory that I have.

Okay, enough rambling.  In other news, I was given a compliment today regarding my age.  I was talking to Lesa, the Bass manager, about her sons who work for me and I said that I wanted to be a Voss boy (that's their last name), but I can't, of course, because I'm not a boy.  Gina then said that I could always marry a Voss boy and I said, "Oh, no, they're all too young for me!"  And she said, "No they're not!"  And I said, "The oldest one is 21!"  And she said, "How old are you?"  And I said "31."  And she said, "No you're not!  I thought you were, like, 26!"  And then we all laughed.  I don't think Lesa wanted me marrying one of her boys anyway.  I would be a bad influence on them. 
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