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Paisley and I are getting our drink on....

 Why is no one journaling any more?  My friends page is pretty much just Lori's journal.  And as highly entertaining as Lori and her many fair trips are, I think it would be interesting to know what the rest of y'all are up to.  Of course, if you're not journaling, your probably not reading either, huh?  Whatev.

Why is it that when people are dating they think they need to spend every fucking waking moment with the other person?  I mean, seriously?  Just because you're dating doesn't mean you have to attach yourselves together.  It is okay to do things alone.  Especially if that thing is working a few hours for me so I don't have to work a 13 hour shift.  Fuckers.  Maybe I should start "dating" someone so I don't have to cover everyone else's asses.  Or get sick and call people in on their days off to work for me.  

I don't know if any of you are playing the subway Scrabble, but if you're not--or if you are--and you have extra letters, you should pass them on to me.  I desperately need a Y.  Or a U and W.  A, O, N, P, F, H.  If you have any of those letters laying around not being used, they would be put to very good use in my hands.  You would be rewarded.  *Reward based on letters provided and prize that said letters allow me to win*

I gave the dog a furcut.  She needed it desperately and I didn't have $55 bucks to spend on a professional.  She doesn't look too bad.  I actually could have taken more off.  I mean, it looks like someone attacked her with a hedge clipper, but at least she's not shaggy.  That's what I mean by her not looking too bad.  

Is it weird to anyone else that it's almost September?  I can't believe that the year has gone so fast.  CRAZY!
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