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Neighborhood News

Last night, I was snuggled up in my bed, fast asleep, when I was suddenly awakened.  I hadn't yet actually opened my eyes when I realized there was yelling coming from outside.  I thought, "Those kids sure are out early today.  Or maybe I slept in for once."  I cracked my eyelids opened and noticed that it was still quite dark in my room.  I rolled over to check the clock.  1:17 AM.  And sure enough, there was someone yelling outside.  I went to the window to check out the disturbance, thinking that the morons who live across the street from us were smoking pot and goofing around.  There was no one out there.  Straining to see the other houses around the grassy knoll, I noticed a possibly extremely drunk woman standing outside a house down the block from us yelling about whether or not she had her car keys and therefore had her house keys with her because "he" had locked her out of her "own fucking house" and she had "every right" to go in there and she continued to threaten to call 911.  The yelling continued for some time, at one point accompanied by pounding on the front door.  Eventually, the yelling stopped and I thought I saw her go into the house.  

Thinking it was all over, I climbed back into my bed, wanting to get some much needed sleep.  Before I could doze off again, there was honking, honking, honking.  This crazy woman had actually gotten into her car and was laying on her horn.  At 1:30 in the morning.  Normally, I'm all about leaving my neighbors to their business, but I couldn't handle this any more, so I went to the phone book, looked up the non-emergency number for the Wright County Sherriff's Department and called it.  A nice woman answered and asked me all sorts of questions I couldn't answer like the type of car the woman was in or the address of the house she was trying to enter.  I stood by my open window so that she could hear the honking of the car and quite possibly even the woman continuing to yell.  As I was on the phone, the woman got out of the car and started throwing things at the house.  The woman at the sherriff's department told me that her partner was on the phone with someone else complaining about the situation and she had all the information she needed from me.  When I hung up the phone I heard the crazy lady finally call 911 and then complain loudly to whoever it was that wouldn't let her in the house that the cops knew who she was and how she hoped he was happy about that.  

Not soon enough, a sherriff's car pulled up and a uniformed officer got out to talk to the crazy lady.  He was much quieter than her, so I have no idea what he was saying, but she continued to bitch about not being let into her own house.  It looked like she sat down on the grass while the officer went into the house to talk to the man inside.  After repeated conversations with both of them, it sounded like the officer was trying to get her to stay somewhere else for the night.  She sounded like she was crying when she told him that she didn't have any where to go, no family, blah, blah, blah.  So one of the officers (at this point there were two, I'm not sure when the other showed up) went into the house again and when he and the man who lived there were coming out, it appeared that the crazy lady threw something at them.  This did not make the officer happy and she was then handcuffed and taked over to the police car, which was out of my line of site.  It then drove off and the other officer and the man who lived there went looking at the house where she had thrown things at it trying to get him to let her in.  At this point, I decided I was going to try to get some more sleep.  I was a bit riled up, though, after all the excitement and it took me quite a while to relax again.  

In other news, Paisley tried to stalk down a skunk a couple of nights ago.  Luckily, I saw it just before we went down the block towards it and dragged her away towards home.  She was not happy with me.  Also, another one of our neighbors has a really ugly old truck parked in his driveway that he appears to be working on.  This is significant only because I didn't take him as much of a car guy.  He's more like a--um--hiking guy. 
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