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Quick notes

 Remember in high school when people used to squeeze each other's throats until they passed out?  Why did they do that?

The guy on the Gas-X commercial who says "Your son Rip is on line Toot" reminds me of Curtie--who's having a big day today, but I mentioned that a month ago, so I don't have to say anything again.

Our dog got skunked last night.  We've had to wash her thoroughly with multiple home remedies.  Hopefully this last round involving mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dishsoap followed by regular doggie soap works.  If not, we're going to have to douche her nose.  

For the third, or is it fourth, year in a row, E and I are going to miss Friendly City Days this weekend.  I suppose I could go tomorrow night, but I don't know anyone else who's going and E is heading out of town, so she can't go with me.  Maybe I should just hit up the beer tent by myself.  

It's a beautiful day today.  Is it going to rain again?  

My hands are dry.  I bet it's from the home remedies.  

What should I do for the rest of the day?  I'm bored and it's only 3:30.  Dammit.
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